How to Drag With a Laptop

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A laptop computer touch pad can be used to drag objects and files.

A laptop computer touch pad is used to move, select or drag objects and files on a computer screen. Although a touch pad performs functions similar to those of an external mouse, using it can be slightly different. Using the laptop touch pad to drag files on the computer screen can be easy, but it may take a few tips to perform the task for the first time.


Step 1

Rest your index finger on the laptop touch pad. Slide your pointer finger on the touch pad in the direction of the object you wish to drag. Lift your finger off the touch pad when the cursor is over the object.

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Step 2

Push the left touch pad button down with your index finger and slide your middle finger in the direction you wish to drag the object.


Step 3

Lift your finger off the touch pad button when the object is in the desired location.




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