How to Make Bold Lettering on a Laptop Keyboard

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You can make bold lettering on your laptop keyboard.

Formatting files on your laptop, such as word processing documents and spreadsheets, is an important part of making your content readable, and where required, emphatic. There are a number of mechanisms for doing so, including font changes and background coloring. One common method is creating bold lettering. This is often done using menus, but that can be convoluted, requiring a number of mouse clicks. A simpler way is to use a combination of keys on your laptop's keyboard.

Step 1

Open the file in which you want to make items bold.

Step 2

Highlight the item you want to display in a bold style.

Step 3

Press the "Ctrl" and "B" keys simultaneously. The item selected will become emboldened.


To highlight items you wish to make bold: for a single word, double click on it; for a set of words or other elements, click right before the first character and then use the combination “Shift” + click right after the last character.

Keyboard combinations are popular among those who know them, as they are widely applicable and simple to remember. As examples: to bold text use “Ctrl” + “B;” for italics use “Ctrl” + “I;” for underlining use “Ctrl” + “U.”

There are many other useful keyboard combinations. See “Resources” for more examples.

Keyboard combinations are generally toggles: the first use will apply the change you require; the second will remove it. You can remove styling from items by using the relevant keyboard combination that applied it in the first place.

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