How to Draw Tables in Photoshop

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Creating a table inside of Photoshop can be accomplished using a variety of methods.
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The Adobe suite of creative tools has become a de facto industry standard for businesses and independent professionals around the world. Thanks to a wide array of applications included in the suite, including the ever-popular Photoshop, there is virtually no limit to what can be created or accomplished inside of this environment.


That being said, there are certain functions and actions which are better suited to specific tools within the Adobe suite than others. While Photoshop is certainly geared more to image editing and manipulation, it can be used for various text applications. If you are trying to insert a table in Photoshop, you can either import this object or create your own. Generally speaking, choosing to import this object will provide better results over time.


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Creating a table inside of Photoshop can be accomplished using a variety of methods. Although you can design your own table using the Line tool within the program, you can also download table templates which may also prove to be time-saving and professional.

The Basics of Adobe Photoshop

As mentioned previously, Adobe Photoshop is primarily oriented around tasks and functions related to image editing. This is not to say that Photoshop cannot be used for text creating and editing, but rather that the workflow found here is not conducive for efficient work within this domain.


The majority of text-based work occurring in the Adobe creative suite occurs with the Adobe InDesign and Acrobat software packages. Both InDesign and Acrobat allow for in-depth publishing and content creation operations that would be noticeably more awkward to complete inside of Photoshop.


Text Tools in Photoshop

If you are looking for the text tools inside of Photoshop, you can locate these by first navigating to the Type tool found within the larger Tools panel. After selecting the Type tool, you should be able to find a variety of customization options within the adaptive Control panel.


By clicking and dragging anywhere inside of the project window, you should be able to create a field in which a variety of text objects can be created instantly. This method of text creation is the primary route by which Photoshop users begin to create related content.

Creating Your Table

To create a table for text or other media inside of Photoshop, your first step should be to locate the Line tool inside of the standard Tools panel. Using this particular asset, you can create all of the vertical and horizontal lines you will need to construct the framework of your table. This tool will allow you to build a table in virtually any size you may require. Once you have created the table, you can then use the Text tool or other creative assets within Photoshop to fill in the table as desired.


Photoshop Table Templates

If you are hesitant to design your own table, you can download a table template through any one of several online platforms. Although some of these templates must be purchased in order to use them, others are freely available. This method of creating a table may ultimately be the most time-efficient tool for structuring content inside of your document.


Whatever method you use to create your table, always double-check to ensure that you have created an asset that is structurally and aesthetically compatible with your document. A well-designed table can dramatically enhance the overall look and feel of your product. Keep in mind that you can also create a table in Adobe Acrobat Pro CD and other productivity applications as needed.