How to Edit Posts on Tumblr

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to edit the contents of a single Tumblr post or modify the tags of multiple posts at once.

Edit the contents of a post you added to your Tumblr blog by selecting the post and clicking Edit. Alternatively, edit existing tags or add new ones to several posts at once by using Tumblr's Mass Post Editor.

Edit the Contents of a Post

Step 1

View your blog's posts by opening the Account menu in your Tumblr Dashboard and clicking Posts under your blog's name.

Step 2

Click the dog-ear at the top of the post.

Hover your mouse cursor near the top-right corner of the post you want to edit and click the dog-ear to reveal a page containing the post.

Step 3

Click Edit.

Click the Edit button.


To permanently delete the post instead of editing it, click the Delete button.

Step 4

Edit your post and click Save.

Edit your post's title, body or tags and click the Save button.

Edit the Tags of Several Posts

Step 1

Open the Account menu and select Posts under the applicable blog.

Step 2

Click the Mass Post Editor link.

Click the Mass Post Editor link in the sidebar.

Step 3

Select the posts by clicking them.

Select the posts whose tags you wish to edit by clicking them.


Selected posts have a blue overlay and a check mark.

Step 4

Click Delete, Edit Tags or Add Tags.

Edit the selected posts by clicking:

  • Delete to permanently delete the posts from your blog
  • Edit Tags to modify the posts' existing tags.
  • Add Tags to insert additional tags into the posts.

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