How to Enable DVD AutoPlay in Windows Media Player

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AutoPlay automatically plays DVDs in Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player is a media program that can, among other features, play DVDs. When you enable autoplay for DVDs, Windows Media Player will automatically play a DVD whenever you place one in your computer. You can still use any other program you wish to watch DVDs, but Windows Media Player becomes the default player.


Step 1

Click the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of the computer screen and then select "My Computer."

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Step 2

Right-click on the DVD drive. It will typically have "DVD" in the name. If you're unsure which drive is the DVD drive, simply insert a DVD, and you'll see the name of the DVD appear on the drive. Click the "Properties" option on the list of choices that appeared after you right-clicked. The "Properties" menu will pop up.


Step 3

Click the "AutoPlay" tab at the top of the menu. Click the drop-down menu near the top of the "Properties" menu and change it to "DVD Movie."


Step 4

Click the circle next to "Select an action to perform." Click the "Play DVD using Windows Media Player" button. Click "Apply" and then "OK." Now, every time you insert a DVD into your computer, it will automatically play in Windows Media Player.



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