How to Enable UPnP on My Belkin

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Hook up your Belkin router to enable UPNP.

Belkin routers are home networking devices that are fairly easy to configure and set up. To configure the Belkin router, open the administration interface and log in to the application with the administrator user ID and password. In the configuration interface, you can enable Universal Plug and Play, or UPNP; set WEP or WAP keys for security; establish port forwarding rules; and specify open and closed ports.


Step 1

Open a Web browser and navigate to the IP address to open the Belkin router administration interface. A login prompt appears.

Step 2

Type the administrator's user ID and password and click "OK." You are logged in to the Belkin administration interface.


Step 3

Click the option labeled "Router Settings" on the main screen.

Step 4

Check the check box in front of the "Enable" option for UPnP.

Step 5

Click the "Save" button. The UPnP feature is enabled on the Belkin router.


If you walk through the steps and successfully update the configuration but it does not save, you most likely need to update your router's firmware. Visit the Belkin website to download the newest version of the firmware for your router.