How to Find an ASUS Model Number

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How to Find an ASUS Model Number
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ASUS is a computer manufacturer that builds both desktop and laptop computers. Every version of an ASUS computer has a model number. You need this number when you are dealing with ASUS' customer service line. The model number is in a few places so you will not have to look for long to find it.


Step 1

Turn your computer off. This has to be done as you might have to flip the computer over to see the number.

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Step 2

Look on the bottom of an ASUS laptop. There will be a sticker listing information about the laptop. Write down the number under "Model Number."


Step 3

Move to the back of an ASUS desktop computer. Look for a sticker detailing all of the information about the computer. Jot down the "Model Number" listed on the sticker.

Step 4

Look at the ASUS computer's user manual. The number may be on the front of the manual or on the inside cover. If your manual covers multiple models, though, you may need to get the model number from the machine itself.