How to Find or Change a Computer's Administrator

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How to Find or Change a Computer's Administrator. Computers are set up with an administrator and this is especially useful when you're in a work environment or if you have children. A computer's administrator can block certain sites on the Internet and prevent certain files or programs from opening. You can find and change a computer's administrator on your home computer but not necessarily on a work computer.


Step 1

Open your "Control Panel," which is located on your "Start" menu under "Settings." It may also be on your "Desktop."

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Step 2

Click on "Users Accounts." This will show you the administrator of the computer.


Step 3

Look at the various things that you can do on this page. You can set up other users, change or remove your password, change your picture or account type and manage another account.

Step 4

Select "Manage another Account." This shows all the users for this computer. You can "Create a New Account" here or you can change the type of account each user has.


Step 5

Pick "Create another Account" and click on it. Type in the name you want to call this new account. For example if you want to create an account for your child, you call the new account by the child's name. Decide on whether this user will be a "Standard User" or an "Administrator." Most of the time you will want to make the user a "Standard User," but if you are getting a new computer and turning this computer over to someone else, you need to make them an "Administrator."


Step 6

Change the computer's administrator. Pick a "User" or create a new user. Make them the administrator as described in Step 5. Delete the old administrator's account or change it to a standard user.


You must have a computer administrator for your computer. If you are the administrator you first have to create a new user account and make it an administrator account. Then you can change your account to a standard account or delete your account completely.