How to Find Out About Sprint Nextel Tower Outages in My Area

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Electrical storms can cause cell phone tower disruptions.

If you are having problems making calls, sending texts and accessing the Internet from your Sprint phone, a tower outage may be the problem. Tower outages are relatively rare since Sprint, like most providers, have contingency plans in place . However a storm, technical failures or even an overloaded network during a local emergency may make it impossible for you to get a signal.

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Step 1

Check your cell phone. Try calling your mobile from a landline or another network. If it receives calls, then it is not your network but a fault on the handset that is causing the problem.

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Step 2

Go to a website that specializes in service disruptions like (see Resources for the Sprint page) or go to a website like Twitter and search for "Sprint." While these websites aren't scientific, if a lot of people in your area are complaining about problems, these sites can will show you.

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Step 3

Go to the Sprint website and use the tower locator to check the nearest tower in your area (See Resources).

Step 4

Contact Sprint customer service at 888-211-4727. There is no other definitive way of finding out if the problem is a tower or something else. Explain your problem. If Sprint has no record of an outage, they may troubleshoot your phone first to make sure the problem is not at your end.