How to Find Saved Text Messages on SIM Card

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Whether for legal, personal or emergency reasons, you may need to find a saved text message on your SIM card. Information on a SIM (subscriber identity module) card can recover any information whether it is deleted or not, similar to a computer hard drive. A bit of basic technical knowledge will allow you to retrieve your saved text messages with or without external equipment.


Step 1

Access your SIM card through your cellular phone. Each phone is different; however, if your phone has a SIM card you should be able to reach it within your security settings. Once you access the security settings of your phone you will be able to select the contents of your SIM card to retrieve any saved text messages.


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Step 2

Purchase a SIM card reader from your local hardware store like RadioShack or Office Depot if you are unable to access your phone's SIM card content. Purchase a memory card reader that specifically states it reads SIM cards.

Step 3

Remove the SIM card from your phone. Make sure you turn your phone off and remove the battery. You should see a little slot that houses the SIM card.


Step 4

Insert the SIM card in your memory card reader and connect to your computer. The memory card reader should connect to your computer via USB.


Step 5

Reboot your computer if necessary so the computer will pick up new hardware or configure itself so it runs properly


Step 6

If you are using Windows, click on "My Computer" and access the external drive that the memory card reader is associated with (oftentimes it has a letter drive like 'F' or 'G').

Step 7

Click on the subdrive where your SIM card is located. This folder will then have all of the content on your SIM card.



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