My LG Phone Won't See the Micro SD Card

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Many LG phones use MicroSD cards. MicroSD cards are portable memory devices that allow you to store additional information such as music, videos and images. This allows you to add additional content to your phone, while saving your device's built-in memory. In some cases, your LG phone may fail to read your MicroSD card. With a few troubleshooting steps and guidelines, you can resolve these issues quickly and safely.


Step 1

Turn off your phone for a few seconds and then turn it back on. If your phone is still not reading or detecting your MicroSD card, remove the card from the card slot, which is generally located on the side of your phone depending on the phone model. If needed, check your instruction manual for location details.


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Step 2

Reinsert the MicroSD card into the card slot. Try resetting your phone if still fails to read the card. Resetting your phone varies with differ LG phones, so refer to your phone's documentation or user guide.

Step 3

Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable that accompanied the phone originally. See if your computer is recognizing the MicroSD card. Click on Start and double-click "My Computer" if you are using Windows and locate your MicroSD card's icon in the "Drives" section. If you are using a Mac, locate your MicroSD card's icon on the desktop. Disconnect your phone if you are unable to see the MicroSD card.


Step 4

Try using a different MicroSD card to be sure your old card is not damaged or corrupt.




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