How to Find Someone on the Internet for Free

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The internet makes it exceptionally easy to find someone for free.
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The internet makes it exceptionally easy to find someone for free. A small group of people may intentionally keep their information completely private but locating most people is possible using a variety of free techniques.


Why Find People Online?

The internet makes it easy to connect with old friends and family members. You can even find professional contacts and search for people who are not yet known based on their titles and work functions. For professionals, networking online is highly effective and can lead to new business deals or even a new job role.

An internet search may also reveal personal contact information like a phone number or address. While totally free people search sites are available, searching for difficult public records may require a fee. The alternative is a trip to the local courthouse for property records if the name and general area are known.


Finding someone online is not often difficult but may require searching through a list of common names to narrow down the search. Knowing the correct spelling for both the first and last name is imperative. Having a location and any relevant information about the individual is also useful for narrowing down the search.

Open a web browser and start by simply typing the name of the individual. Also, consider adding other relevant information like the home city or state separated by commas. This information will return a list of search results.


The search can include just about anything. Articles, public records, social media profiles and even mentions are not uncommon. A common name like John Smith will also return a long list of results. Adding more details to the web search will help to return better results.

After the results are delivered, the investigation begins. Start digging until a lead is revealed or the person is located. In some cases, several rounds of web searches are required to return any relevant information. The web search process is effective for finding general information when you only have a name and limited information available.


A social media search is one of the most effective methods of finding people on the internet for free. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all have search functions. The Facebook search also offers the ability to enter a city and state which really narrows the pool of people when a common name is used.

Social media also works well because direct messaging features allow for easy contact. Find a person on any of the major social networks and add them, then send over a message. The process makes it very easy to find just about anyone unless the person is intentionally hidden or not using social network sites.


LinkedIn is also a social network platform but unlike most networks, the system is designed for professionals. Use the search function to look for individuals by name. Also consider using the search function to locate relevant contacts based on location and job title. The site is great for networking and finding new contacts that can convert to high-value business partnerships.

Public Records to Find Someone

Lastly, searching public records is a good way to find people. In some states, land ownership records are made public and are free to search online. Look up property boundaries and find the owners based on the information available.


If the public records are not digitized or easy to access, paying for a service is always a possibility. Exhaust all of the free options first however because finding people on the internet is often possible with a small time investment.