How to Find the Model Number of a Cable Box

A receiver box on a shelf.
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Your cable company, vendors and others use your cable box's model number as a product identifier in a variety of situations. For example, this number is useful if you need help acquiring a manual, locating troubleshooting instructions, scheduling a repair appointment or getting a replacement box. Find it by doing a little detective work.

Look at Documentation

The user manual for your cable box should have the model number printed on it somewhere. Typically, the number is located on the first, second or last page. Any other documentation related to the box, such as an installation work order, a pickup receipt or a shipping invoice, should also have the number.

Check the Exterior

Many cable box manufacturers design their boxes with the model and serial numbers displayed on the front of the box near a corner. Additionally, you can find important details about the box, including the serial numbers, on a product label on the bottom or back of it.

Compare Box Designs

Cable television companies often display images of their available set top boxes on their websites to make box identification easier for subscribers. Each image is usually labeled with the manufacturer's and/or product name and the model number.

Contact the Provider

If you have difficulties finding the number or understanding which number is the correct one, a billing or technical support representative from your cable company can help. The representative can access the equipment information on your account and then explain to you where to look on the box for future reference.

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