How to Find the Satellite Location for DirecTV

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DirecTV is a direct broadcast satellite service that broadcasts digital satellite television and audio in the United States. DirecTV's satellites are located south of the state of Texas. When installing your DirecTV satellite dish, you will need to calculate the exact location of the satellite from your zip code so that you can correctly point your satellite dish. DirecTV offers an online dish pointing tool to assist you in finding the satellite's location.


Step 1

Open a web browser on your computer and go to DirecTV's dish pointer website. (See Resources.)

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Step 2

Enter your zip code where the satellite dish is mounted in the search box.

Step 3

Click the orange "Check" button. The dish pointer website will display the elevation and the azimuth of the DirecTV satellite from your location. The elevation relates to the up-and-down positioning of your satellite dish. The azimuth relates to the left-to right positioning of your satellite dish. The DirecTV satellite dish assembly mechanism has built-in settings for both elevation and azimuth. By setting your assembly mechanism to the correct specifications, you will find the satellite location for DirecTV.




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