How to Fix a Slow Computer Due to McAfee

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McAfee is a manufacturer that produces virus protection software for the computer, among other similar products. Although the McAfee system can help to keep your computer free from threats, the side effect of its constant interference and hogging of processor time means that your computer will run much slower than normal. Changing this means striking a healthy balance between a suitable level of virus protection and use of system resources.


Step 1

Open up your McAfee program and change the options so that it is no longer providing constant protection. Instead of allowing for constant surveillance, enable the full version of McAfee only when you are navigating to untrusted websites. For your routine day-to-day surfing of typical sites, such as news sites and trusted retailers like, leave McAfee disabled.


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Step 2

Prevent McAfee from eating system resources as soon as your computer starts. Open up the "Start" menu, then type "msconfig" in the search bar. Run the "msconfig" program and navigate to the Startup tab. Uncheck all boxes that are associated with McAfee--either by name or where McAfee is the manufacturer listed next to the item.



Step 3

Run McAfee's virus scanner only at the end of every day when you are finished using your computer. By only running the full virus scanner at the end of the day, you will prevent McAfee from interfering and slowing down your computer while you are still working.




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