How to Fix a Vizio Black Screen

By Nina Nixon

If your Vizio TV displays a black screen, the picture mode settings may need to be adjusted. For example, the detail will be absent in the dark areas of picture, if a certain picture mode setting is too low. An electrical power issue could also cause a picture not to appear. Guessing at it could further delay your return to watching TV. Instead, check all the connections and basic settings to quickly diagnose and fix the the black screen display.

Step 1

Secure all the cable cords and equipment input connections. Check that the correct cable cords are used to connect the equipment to the TV. Press any key on the keyboard to take your computer out of standby mode if it's connected to the TV. If you have a VCR connected to the TV, verify that the correct output port is selected. Refer to your equipment user manual for the recommended connection instructions.

Step 2

Check that the power button on the TV is in the "On" position. Press the red "Power/Standby" button on the remote control. Press the "TV" button on the remote control. Check the remote control batteries and replace both batteries at the same time if just one is corroded or drained. Insert the batteries correctly -- the negative-to-negative and positive-to-positive ends should match the placement in the battery compartment.

Step 3

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control, and then press the left or right arrow buttons and highlight "Basketball," "Golf," "Game," "Vivid," "Baseball," "Movie," "Standard," or "Custom" picture mode. Press the "Enter" button, and then press the down arrow button and select "Brightness." Press the left or right arrow buttons and adjust the brightness level. Press the "Down" arrow button and select "Contrast." Press the left or right arrow buttons and adjust the contrast level. Press the "Exit" button when you're done.

Tips & Warnings

  • A very high brightness setting will wash out the picture; therefore, make small changes in this area as well as with other picture settings, if applicable. Test the results, and then make additional adjustments if needed.