How to Fix Samsung DLP TV

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Unplug everything prior to working on your Samsung DLP TV.

A Samsung DLP TV projects a high-quality picture; unfortunately, after about two years, the picture starts to fade and eventually dies out completely. The TV will also start to shut off with no warning after a few minutes. The two problems are well known throughout the Samsung community and, fortunately, can be resolved with some do-it-yourself fixes.


Step 1

Unplug all of your components from your Samsung DLP TV and unplug the TV from the wall. Make sure your TV has been off for several hours and is completely cool before you start poking around. You can then safely take the back panel off by following the instructions in your owner's manual for your particular model.


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Step 2

Check to see if your emergency switch is the problem. One of the most common reasons that the Samsung DLP TV stops working is that the emergency switch on the back gets caught in the wrong position and makes your TV turn off. You need to get the blue switch to catch under the lamp cover door. Shut the door part way, and then use a pencil to depress the switch so it catches under the door.


Step 3

Try to get the dust out of the back if emergency switch is not the problem. Use a small vacuum tool or cotton swabs and try to pull out as much dust as possible, especially around the cooling fan. A can of compressed air will also work effectively. Another reason your Samsung DLP TV might be turning off is that it is overheating. Too much dust can cause this issue. If you find that your TV works after you clean it out, start cleaning it every three months or so to prevent the issue from happening again.



Step 4

Check your TV's timer. Another thing you can do, if the TV will stay on long enough, is ensure that you do not have a timer set to make it turn off. It sounds silly, but it could be the cause.

Step 5

Reset the lamp. If none of these things work, there is one more thing you can try before replacing the lamp. Pull the lamp out (follow the pictures in your manual for replacing the lamp). Clean behind the lamp to get all the dust out and reinstall the lamp, making sure all the connections are clean and secure.

Things You'll Need

  • Samsung DLP TV owner's manual

  • Screwdrivers

  • Pencil

  • Vacuum

  • Cotton swabs

  • Compressed air


If none of these steps work, you are one of few who actually needs to replace the lamp. Replacing the lamp is easy, as you've already pulled it out and put it back in once. Purchase a new lamp and install it into your Samsung DLP TV per the instructions in your model's owner's manual.