How to Fix the Freezing of a U-verse TV

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Your U-Verse TV service provides you with access to high-definition programming and on-demand titles. The U-Verse set-top box included with the service acts as an access point and control panel for the TV service. The U-Verse service is delivered through your existing cable lines and is not susceptible to weather-related issues that include satellite services. Troubleshoot operating issues with the set-top box if your connection freezes while displaying the U-Verse programming.


Step 1

Turn off the set-top box and turn it back on. This will reset minor settings that may cause the issue.

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Step 2

Check the connections on the rear of the U-Verse receiver and your TV. Loose connections can disrupt service and freeze the image on the TV. Check the coaxial connection to the TV IN jack on the rear of the receiver as well as the audio visual connection between the TV and the receiver.


Step 3

Remove the power cable from the rear of the set-top box if the U-Verse TV service is still freezing. Leave the cable unplugged for up to 15 seconds before reconnecting it to the power jack on the rear of the receiver. This will reset the box to the original operating condition and resolve operating issues.



Tips & Warnings

  • Contact the U-Verse technical service is the problem persists as you may have a damaged or corrupted set-top box.



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