How to Fix the HP Officejet Pro Printheads

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HP Officejet Pro printers are all-in-one printers that can produce professional-quality printouts and can be used for several other tasks such as faxing, copying and scanning documents. Printing quality problems are often associated with issues with the printhead, so you will need to fix the HP Officejet Pro printhead problem to ensure that you get high-quality printouts from your printer.


Step 1

Load paper into the paper tray. Click "Start," "All Programs," "HP" and then "HP Solution Center." Select "Settings" and then "Printer Toolbox." Click on "Services" and then "Align Printheads." When the "Align Printheads" window opens, select "Align." Wait for the printer to print the alignment patterns. If the patterns have white lines, proceed to the next step to clean the printhead.


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Step 2

Navigate back to the "Services" tab in your HP Solution Center" (see step 1) and then select "Clean printheads." Ensure that there is paper loaded into the paper feeder. When the "Clean Printheads" window opens, select "Clean." Examine the pattern results. If there are streaks in the print patterns, repeat the cleaning procedure. If the streaks do not disappear after three to four cleanings, consider replacing the printheads. Proceed to the next step for instructions on how to replace the printheads.


Step 3

Use the test pattern printout as your guide on which printheads you need to replace. Replace only those colors that have streaked lines on the pattern printouts.

Step 4

Load paper into the paper tray, open the printer cover and wait for the cartridge to move to the left automatically. Lift the handle of the printhead and pull it to remove the printhead from its slot. Shake the new printhead up and down with the packaging still intact. Remove the packaging and place the printhead into its slot. Follow the color-coded slot that should match the label of the printhead latch. Press the printhead firmly onto the slot to ensure that it is properly installed. Push the latch forward and close the printer cover. Wait for the printer to automatically print an alignment page. The printer should again be ready for printing.