How to Fix the Out of System Resources on My PC

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If your computer keeps flashing up an "Out of System Resources," message it is important to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. These messages can be very frustrating, and often the only way to clear up the issue is to restart your computer. In order to resolve the problem for good it is important to first determine the source of the problem.


Step 1

Log on to your computer and click on the "Start" button. Choose "Control Panel" from the menu and click on "Administrative Tools." Choose "Event Viewer" from the menu and scroll through the events listed there. Look for events whose time stamp matches the time of your last crash or system freeze and look at the program that caused the error. If the same program keeps causing the problem, it is a good idea to remove and reinstall that program.


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Step 2

Right-click on the taskbar and choose "Task Manager" from the menu. When Task Manager opens, click on the "Processes" tab and then click the "CPU" column to sort the processes by the amount of system resources they are using. If a particular program is continuously using nearly all of your system resources, it is a good idea to repair or reinstall that program.


Step 3

Add memory to your computer if the above steps do not resolve the problem. While fixing problem programs is important, if your computer does not have a sufficient amount of RAM it may continue to run out of system resources after only a short time. To add memory, remove your computer's cover by pulling up on the case-release lever, then find the memory slots on the motherboard. Insert the new memory modules into the slots, making sure that the retaining clips are holding the modules in place. Then restart your computer and allow it to recognize the additional RAM.





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