How to Fix the Screen on a Portable DVD Player

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How to Fix the Screen on a Portable DVD Player. A variety of problems could arise involving the screen of your portable DVD player. Trying to fix these on your own is usually your best choice. Below are some steps to help you troubleshoot and fix problems with the screen on a portable DVD player.

Step 1

Try inserting a different DVD. The problem could be your DVD and not your portable DVD player at all.

Step 2

Check for sound. If you can hear the movie but do not see the picture, the problem could be the connection from the base to the screen. If you can see the wire on the back of your unit, try removing it and replacing it to make sure that it is completely connected. The wire should have a lock/unlock feature like a phone cable.

Step 3

If the screen is still completely black, try using RC cables to connect your portable DVD player to a standard TV. If a picture appears on the TV, then you know that the problem is with your DVD player's screen.

Step 4

If your screen flickers and seems to turn off and on, the problem could be the battery. Try plugging your portable DVD player into the wall socket. If the DVD player works while plugged in, try replacing the battery. If plugging it into the wall does not seem to help, than the problem might be a faulty screen. If this is the case, than your best option would be to purchase a new screen or a new DVD player.

Step 5

If you have any permanently black spots on your screen, these could be dead pixels, which cannot be fixed. Your options are to live with them, purchase a new screen or purchase a completely new portable DVD player. White flickering spots or colored spots could be "stuck" pixels, which can sometimes be fixed. To try to fix a stuck pixel, power off the player, gently press a damp soft cloth to the area with the stuck pixel, then turn the player back on and release the pressure. Repeat if needed.

Step 6

Look at the Web site for your DVD player's manufacturer, and see if there's a troubleshooting section that gives you any additional ideas.

Step 7

Try contacting the store where you purchased your portable DVD player. The store may have some more troubleshooting ideas for you, or could possibly give your some estimates on getting your portable DVD player fixed.

Things You'll Need

  • RC cable

  • Disc

  • Portable DVD player

  • Television


Try to fix your portable DVD player yourself. Most repair and service centers charge a flat fee just to look at your DVD player, plus an hourly charge. Most of the time, it is better just to purchase a new portable DVD player.


Do not try to disassemble your portable DVD player to find the problem. This should only be done by trained professionals. You could get hurt and void any warranties.