How to flag an ad on Craigslist

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Flagging: Helpful or Obnoxious?

Many of us who use Craigslist enjoy this awesome free advertising web site. While there is plenty of spam and fake offers on this web site, it does have some good bonafide offers too. If you spot an ad that appears fake, or spam-like, you can flag it, which will remove it from the site. Here's how...


Step 1

Click on an ad, so that you can read it. If you feel that the ad should be flagged, go ahead and do so.

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Step 2

Look in the upper right hand corner of the screen, while displaying the suspect ad. You will see a box that says, "Please flag with care. Miscategorized, Prohibited, Spam/Overpost, Best of Craigslist.


Step 3

Click on one of the links, choosing the appropriate reason for flagging. Use miscategorized if the ad is in the wrong category, such as a personal ad in the for sale section. Use prohibited if the ad is regarding something that is not allowed on CL, such as gun sales. Use the spam/overpost link for just that- spam, or an ad that is being posted too much. Best of Craigslist is a link that you can use to submit the ad to a collection of Craigslist ads that have been found to be funny, or amusing.



Step 4

Remember, it takes time to put ads on on Craigslist, so if you do feel the need to flag an ad, please do so carefully. Don't abuse the privilege. Happy flagging! :)

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