How to Flip Text Upside Down in Word

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Flip your Word text to create note cards, tent cards and imaginative effects.
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Microsoft Word 2013 isn't a toy, but there are many ways to have fun with the program. In addition to coloring and formatting text, you can rotate text and turn it upside-down. This feature is similar to those you might find in dedicated desktop publishing programs. You won't find a Flip Text button on Word's ribbon, but you can rotate a text box or decorative WordArt to produce the upside-down effect you desire.


Create a Text Box

Text boxes give you the ability to position text anywhere you like in a Word document. Create one in Word by clicking "Insert" followed by "Text Box." Click "Simple Text Box" to place a text box containing default text on the document. Replace the default text with your own and move your cursor over the small rotation handle at the top of the text box. This handle enables you to rotate the text box around its axis.


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Add Text and Rotate

When you click the rotation handle and drag it towards the right or left, the text box rotates clockwise or counterclockwise. Continue to drag until the text is upside-down. When you're done, the rotation handle is on the text box's bottom because you flipped it over. Click the text box to select it and notice that re-sizing handles appear along its edge. Click one of the handles on the text box's right edge and drag your mouse to the left until the text box is barely wide enough to hold the text. .This ensures that the text box doesn't take up unneeded space on the document.


Tweak the Results

Position the text box anywhere by moving your cursor over one of its borders until your cursor becomes a crosshair. Click the crosshair, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to move the text box where you want it. Change the text box's appearance by right-clicking inside it and clicking "Outline." A menu containing colors and a "No Outline" button appears. Click a color to apply it to the text box's border or click "No Outline" to make the outline disappear. You might choose that option if you don't want the text box to distract from your upside-down text.


Flip Your WordArt

You can also flip WordArt using these steps. WordArt is decorative text you add to a document by clicking "Insert" followed by "WordArt." Review the different styles and click one you like to add default WordArt text to the document. Replace that text with your own and rotate it to the desired angle.


Customization Tips

If you choose "No Outline" to hide the text box, it reappears when you click the text. This feature enables you to make future adjustments to the text if needed. You can highlight a text box's content and click a formatting option to change the text's appearance. For example, you can click "Text Highlight Color" to change the text's highlight color. You don't have to create upside-down text using the rotation handle. You can rotate your text to any angle you like. Many logos often have text that sits at an angle. You could even create vertical text by rotating the text box 90 degrees.