How to Focus a Projector

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Projectors are becoming more popular for entertainment.

Video projectors are widely used in many different circumstances for varying purposes, such as showing video, images and so on. While traditionally popular in classrooms (often in conjunction with interactive whiteboards) and business meeting settings, more people have taken to using them for personal and entertainment uses. A projector can easily go out of focus, and that cause eye strain and frustration. Learning how to properly focus your projector, however, isn't difficult.


Step 1

Ensure you can safely reach the projector (e.g., if it is ceiling-mounted).

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Step 2

Switch on the projector and allow time for the lamp to warm up (if necessary).

Step 3

Set the projector to receive input from the desired source (computer, VCR, DVD player). Most projectors will cycle through the input channels automatically until they find a signal. If not, press the "Source" button, sometimes represented by a symbol showing an arrow going into a screen.


Step 4

Adjust the wheels located near the front, or top, of the projection lamp. Traditionally, one wheel adjusts the size of the projection area and the other controls the focus.

Step 5

Correspond the projection image with how the source image is supposed to look. Make the image as clear as possible with the wheels.


Some computers and laptops require the user to set them into "presentation mode" for the projector to recognize the input. Refer to your hardware manual to find this setting.


If the projector is in a high or difficult-to-reach place, ask another person to hold the ladder to ensure your safety.