How to Get a Donated Laptop

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Try all avenues to get a free machine.

Laptop donations may sound too good to be true, but there are ways to get these portable computers for free or cheap, if you have persistence and a little luck. Try all methods to get a laptop, and repeat your efforts until they pay off. If you're willing to accept machines that are a couple years old or refurnished machines, you'll have a better shot at getting a free computer than if you try holding out for a current model.


Step 1

Look for technology reuse or refurbish non-profits near you, then call to see whether they refurbish laptops and how to get on the list. Empower Up ( rebuilds computers, then donates the rebuilt machines to Clark County, Washington residents, for example.

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Step 2

Search for donation offerings near you, or request a laptop donation. Respond to nearby laptop donations to get a free computer. If you request a donation, someone looking to recycle a working laptop may see your request and respond. Negotiate the transaction from there.


Step 3

Apply for a laptop through the Computer Recycling Center ( Foster youth, elders, teachers, non-profits and others may apply for a free laptop. Call for more info, or write a letter requesting the specific information you want and why you or your group would benefit to get a free computer.



Step 4

Find out whether your town has electronic waste recycling for computers and, if so, what happens to equipment brought there. You may be able to get a working laptop or laptop parts when someone recycles their old machine.

Step 5

Look for contests, sweepstakes, raffles and other giveaways that have laptop prizes. Enter for a chance to win a donated computer.




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