How to Get a Questia Free Trial

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How to Get a Questia Free Trial. Questia is an online research library that provides access to educational materials. If you subscribe to Questia, you can read through thousands of complete books as well as more than a million journal and magazine articles. Questia is a must for high school and college students. When you sign up with Questia, you are eligible to receive a free trial.


Step 1

Go to the Questia homepage. Before you sign up for your free trial, you may wish to take some time to see all that the website has to offer. Without a subscription, you can read the partial text of books and articles.

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Step 2

Click on the "Free Trial" option at the top of the page. A free trial of Questia consists of two weeks of access to the site without any cost to you.


Step 3

Fill out the requested information. The registration form only takes a few minutes to complete. You are required to provide your name, email address, password and billing information.

Step 4

Take advantage of your free trial. Use their research tools to work on any of your course papers. You can save any content that you are looking at in your own personal workspace.


Step 5

Cancel before the two week trial ends. In order to not be charged the monthly Questia rate, you must cancel before your trial is over. If you are happy with Questia, you don't have to do anything; your credit card will be charged for the subscription rate.


Another benefit of Questia is that it is environmentally friendly. It gives the student paperless access to books, magazines, journals and newspapers. You can use the tools provided by Questia to perform your research. You have the ability to highlight text, take notes and generate a bibliography in several different citation styles.