How to Get DIRECTV With Bad Credit

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Many cable and satellite TV service companies require that you have good credit in order to receive their services. This may make it difficult for people with bad, or no credit, to obtain the service they would like. DIRECTV allows customers with bad or no credit to use their services, although, depending on where they live, they may be required to pay a one time fee. Users will be eligible for monthly credits by keeping their account open and paying on time.


Step 1

Log onto the DIRECTV website at

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Step 2

Click "TV Packages" from the gray menu underneath the DIRECTV logo.

Step 3

Choose the language from the drop-down menu that you would like to order your channels in. You can select "bundle" if you would like to order Internet and phone service as well. You can also choose to order channels from other countries under "International."


Step 4

Enter your zip code at the prompt. This will determine whether or not DIRECTV is available in your area. The website may ask you to select your county from a drop-down menu as well.

Step 5

Select the channels and receiver that are right for your needs.


Step 6

Click the orange "Check Out" button on the bottom right hand corner.


Step 7

Enter your address. Underneath your address information, you will see a section asking for a credit check. You can choose to not participate in the credit check or allow DIRECTV to check your credit. If you opt to not have a credit check, you may be subject to a steep fee.


Step 8

Wait for the credit check to go through or to be taken to the next screen. Based on your credit, you will be quoted a fee that will be due at signing.

Step 9

Finish the process by entering in a username and password, entering your payment information, and scheduling an installation appointment.

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