How to Get Free Tracfone Airtime Codes

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Free Tracfone Airtime Codes

Free Tracfone airtime codes are easy to come across and are available to you in several places. Free Tracfone airtime codes can save you lots of money on your Tracfone bill. You've come to the right place if you are looking to find free Trackfone airtime codes. However, always remember to add airtime directly from the Tracfone website and not directly on the phone.


Step 1

Check for your free Tracfone airtime codes on the Tracfone website. Many times, they will be running phone and airtime specials.

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Step 2

Buy a combo of a phone that will be discontinued and airtime minutes rather than the airtime minutes by themselves. Usually in this case, the free Tracfone airtime codes will be shipped with the new phone, so you can add them directly to your old phone.


Step 3

Recycle the phone and take advantage of the 20 free minutes you are eligible for doing so. Or you can sell it, and buy more Tracfone airtime codes.

Step 4

Search for free Tracfone airtime codes on people's blogs. Usually, there are individuals who have a webpage or blog that are devoted to providing free Tracfone airtime codes to people at no cost. Go to a major search engine and type in free Tracfone airtime codes blog and browse through the search results. Find the blog that you are interested in, and look for your free Tracfone airtime codes.



Step 5

Remember to add your free Tracfone airtime directly from the Tracfone website and not directly on the phone. This is crucial because if you type in the code to your phone and the free airtime code is wrong, expired or invalid you get the minutes, but not for free. Always try old codes, because sometimes they actually work. Always, remember to use the web to add your airtime and not the Rapid Refill option.



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