How to Get Rid of the Magnifying on an iPhone

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The magnifying feature on your iPhone can become a nuisance.
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Magnifying text and images on your iPhone makes it easier to read text in your browser, email and other apps, but when you can't see all the icons on your iPhone or can't disable the zoom feature, the convenience quickly turns into a burden. When you want to get out of an instance where you pinched, tapped or enabled certain accessibility features that enlarge text and pages, you can get back to the normal view with a few quick gestures.


Pinch Gestures

Pinch inwards using two fingers to zoom out on the text and restore the default size. Use the pinching gesture to make text smaller or enlarge it to several times its normal size. The gesture works in several commonly used apps including Mail, Safari, PDF files in iBooks and Quick Look, Maps and the Photos app. This option doesn't apply to the Home screen icons and apps that don't support the pinch gesture.


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Zoom Feature

The zoom features makes icons on your home screen larger as well as any other apps that support the feature. When it is activated, the zoom feature makes reading icons easier for people with vision disabilities. You can get in and out of zoom by double-tapping any screen with three fingers. Disable the option by selecting the "Settings" app, choosing "General" and tapping the "Accessibility" option. Select "Zoom" and set the feature to off.


Automatic Text Magnification

IOS 7 provides a way to automatically enlarge text based on the preferences you select. You can adjust the degree to which the text enlarges in an app or disable the option entirely. Within Accessibility settings, you can disable the automatic magnification of text by selecting "Larger Text" and setting the "Larger Accessibility Sizes" toggle switch to the off position. If you don't want to turn this feature off but want to reduce the degree or magnification, adjust the slider to control how much the text enlarges.


Smart Zoom

Smart zoom works in a different way than the zoom feature. Instead of magnifying the entire page so that it extends beyond the viewable area, it only extends the viewable area of the text so that the entire width fits on the screen. This option prevents the need to adjust using the pinch gesture or slide around the screen to view all of the available text. When the text doesn't fit on the page in Mail, Safari, Photos, Maps and any other apps that support the feature, double-tap the screen with one finger to make it fit in the viewable area.