How to Get the Last Incoming Number on a Nortel Phone

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The Nortel Networks Corporation manufactures and distributes several different phone systems designed for use at businesses, both large and small. All of their systems' functions work similarly to be easy-to-use in general, and also to make them easy for anyone who is familiar with any particular one to perform similar functions on another. A function common to all Nortel phone systems is the ability to get the last incoming call, and the process to do so is simple.


Step 1

Hang up the Nortel phone receiver. The display window will be in call mode if the receiver is off of the hook, and the mode will not show incoming calls in the display window.

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Step 2

Press the "Msg/Inbox" key on the Nortel phone. Incoming calls are displayed in a list in the display window. Pressing this key will bring up the most recent incoming call.


Step 3

Press the "Up/Down" navigation buttons to move through the incoming call list. There is a chance that the first call displayed when you press the "Msg/Inbox" key is not the last incoming call. In this case, scroll through the incoming call list to find most recent call by identifying it with the call-time display in the display window.





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