How to Get the Location Information From iPhone Pictures

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Apple has integrated a geotagging feature into your iPhone camera. This geotag feature saves location information to each photo you take with your iPhone camera. You can go back later and see the photos that were taken at individual locations. You can find your photos by their location geotag by using the "Places" option in your "Photos" application.


Step 1

Open your "Photos" application by tapping the "Photos" app icon on the iPhone home screen.

Step 2

Click the "Places" icon at the bottom of the "Photos" application.

Step 3

Use the pinch and zoom feature to zoom in and out on the map to find multiple locations. Every place you see a red pin is a location you used your iPhone camera.

Step 4

Press the red pin to see the number of pictures associated with that location. Press the blue arrow to open those pictures. You can then scroll through your photos taken at that location.


Geotagging saves your location to your photos. Don't give strangers access to your photos on social network sites with your geotag information available.