How to Get to the Control Panel Using Windows Explorer

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The Windows Control Panel is a section of the operating system that contains controls for system features. It can be directly accessed via the Start menu or through Windows Explorer. Regardless of whether you are using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, you can use these methods to get to the Control Panel from Windows Explorer.


Step 1

Type in "Control Panel" (without quotation marks) directly into the address bar of Windows Explorer and hit the Enter key. This will take you directly to the Control Panel.

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Step 2

Look for a shortcut in Windows Vista and Windows 7 to the Control Panel at the top of the Windows Explorer window labeled "Open Control Panel." Click this button to be taken to the Control Panel.

Step 3

Look for a shortcut in the left-hand pane of Windows Explorer on Windows XP that says "Control Panel." Click on this shortcut to be taken to the Control Panel.