How to Get to the Sanyo TV Setup

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How to Get to the Sanyo TV Setup
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The simplest way to get to the Sanyo TV setup menu is to use the remote control. In fact, there is no "Menu" button on the TV cabinet so you need to have a remote control available to easily access the setup menu. If you do not have the Sanyo remote control, use a Universal remote control configured for your Sanyo set, with a "Menu" button to access the Sanyo TV setup screen. Alternatively, you can order a remote control from Sanyo, or perhaps, purchase one for a good price from an auction website.


Step 1

Ensure you have working batteries installed in the Sanyo remote control, and make sure your Universal remote is configured for your Sanyo set.

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Step 2

Press the "Menu" button on the remote control while pointing the remote at the Sanyo TV. The main setup menu screen opens. From this menu, you can perform an automatic channel search or assign notes and captions to found channels. You can also adjust the picture and sound from this menu, as well as access the V-chip menu for parental controls.


Step 3

Use the "Downward Pointing Selection Arrow" -- not to be confused with the Down Channel button -- on the remote control to scroll through the menu options.


Step 4

Scroll to the desired menu option and then press the "Enter" button on the remote control to access the menu option.


Step 5

Make changes to menu options by scrolling through the selections to the one you want, and then pressing the "Enter" button on the remote to select the option.

Step 6

Press the "Exit" button to close the menu screens.




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