How to Turn on Closed Captioning on a Panasonic TV

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Display text on your television screen with closed captioning. This makes it possible for hearing-impaired individuals to enjoy their favorite television programs and movies. In order for closed captioning to work on your Panasonic television, the service must be enabled on the television channel that you are viewing. Many television networks now support closed captioning. Video games are starting to support the service as well.


Step 1

Turn on your television. This allows you to see the on-screen menu to turn on the closed-captioning option.

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Step 2

Press the menu button located on your Panasonic television remote control. This opens the menu screen on your television.


Step 3

Select the option labeled "Setup" on your screen by using the arrow keys located on your remote control. Once the "Setup" option is highlighted, press the "OK" button. This will display the "Setup" menu option on your television screen.

Step 4

Scroll the highlighted field down with your arrow keys located on the Panasonic remote control until the "CC" option is lit. Press the "OK" button to select and open the closed-caption menu.



Step 5

Highlight the "Mode" option on the closed-caption menu and press the "OK" button on your remote control. This will allow you to change the settings of the closed caption from "Off" to "On" or vice versa. Once you have made your desired selection, press the "OK" button on the Panasonic remote control.




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