How to Give an Xbox Bandwidth on a Router

Router configuration can be ambiguous and confusing at times, but especially with regards to bandwidth distribution. Prioritizing your bandwidth in your network can often improve the speed and qualify of online Xbox services. Most games will experience less lag when the network is configured to provide the Xbox with optimum bandwidth allowance.

Changing bandwidth settings on your router.

Step 1

Connect your PC to your router with an Ethernet cord. You will not be able to alter settings on the router from your PC if it is connected to the router by a wireless connection.

Step 2

Connect to the Internet if you do not have an automatic connection. Open Internet Explorer (other browsers tend to have issues with most routers) and enter your Internet protocol address into the navigation bar. You can find your IP address online (see Resources section).

Step 3

Enter the prompted information for the "admin" and "password" inquiry. If you don't know or have forgotten these, refer to the read-me manual that accompanies your router. If you can't find your manual, most major router companies have websites with fully downloadable manuals in PDF format.

Step 4

Navigate to the "QoS" (Quality of Service) tab of your router. Sometimes this section will be labeled "ToS." If your router has ToS instead, select that. Once you open your router's method of distributing Quality of Service, select your Xbox's MAC identification and scroll until you see the option to maximize service.

Step 5

Click "Apply" and/or "Save" to make sure your router will save the new settings. Log out of the administration account for the site and close the window.

Things You'll Need

  • PC

  • Router

  • Rj45 cable

  • Xbox


In addition to prioritizing your Xbox on the network, you can also increase performance by turning the NAT setting off. Most routers have an easy-to-find NAT menu from the router administration page.


If you don't click "Save" or "Apply" after changing any router settings, they will not work the next time your router resets.