How to Have Windows Remember My Password

Image Credit: Creatas Images/Creatas/Getty Images

The average person visits dozens of websites that require a username and password for security. With so many passwords--especially considering that it's not a good idea to use the same password for more than one account--it's hard to remember them all. If you trust that your home computer is safe, make life easier by having Windows remember your passwords through Internet Explorer.

Step 1

Turn on the computer. When the computer has completed its startup process, open Internet Explorer.

Step 2

Go to the "Tools" menu and then choose "Internet Options." Click on the "Content" tab, and under the "AutoComplete" setting, click on "Settings."

Step 3

Check the boxes that say "Forms" and "User names and passwords on forms." Click "OK" and then "OK" again.

Step 4

Go to a site that requires a username and password. After you enter this information and begin logging in, you will be prompted with a message to save your password information. Agree to save the information.