How to: Heading in WordPad

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WordPad is a basic word processing program that comes with Windows.

Unlike other word processing programs, WordPad does not have the functionality to create headers and footers. However, if you're wanting to create a section or document heading to give a title or focus to your text, you can do this using WordPad. Using WordPad's text options, you can make your heading larger, a different color or a different font from the remainder of the document text.


Step 1

Increase the size of the heading text. Highlight the heading text. Click the "Font" option from the "Format" drop-down menu. In the box for "Size," type the font size you'd like to use. For example, if the remainder of your document has a font size of 11, your heading might be font size 12.


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Step 2

Change the color of the heading text. Highlight the heading text, and click "Font" under the "Format" menu. Under the "Color" option, choose the color you'd like your heading text to be. If your document text is black, you might make your heading navy blue.


Step 3

Modify the font of the heading text. Select the heading text by highlighting it. In the "Font" box under the "Format" menu, choose the font you want. For example, if your document text font is Times, you might make the heading font Garamond.


Step 4

Add style elements to the heading text. Highlight the heading text. Click on the "B," "I" and "U" buttons on the toolbar at the top of the WordPad screen. In this option, the size, color and font of the heading text will remain the same as the rest of the text. The "B" button will, however, make the text bold, the "I" button will make it italicized and the "U" button will underline the text.




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