How to Hear Sound on an iPad

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All versions of the iPad have built-in speakers and a headphone jack.
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Inadvertently turning off your iPad's physical side switch can cause your device to stop playing some alerts and sounds. You can set the switch to either mute some of your device's sounds or lock the screen orientation through the Settings menu in iOS 7. However, the same menu also has options to control how the device plays sounds. Before taking your iPad to the nearest Apple Store, check the settings in the Notification Center, the Do Not Disturb feature and the Sounds Settings menu.


Open the Sound Settings Menu

New incoming email alerts, calendar alerts and FaceTime call ringtones are examples of some of the sounds that you can set through the Sound Settings menu. For example, to activate alerts for the Reminder app, tap the "Settings" icon on your iPad's Home screen, and then tap "Sounds." Tap "Reminder Alerts," then select an alert that you like from the Reminder Alerts list.


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Review the Notification Center Settings

In addition to editing the display options for your notifications, you can also set an audible alert for each notification that you receive. To access the Notification Center, tap the "Settings" app, and then select "Notification Center." Scroll down the screen, tap the name of the app that you want to manage, and then change the "Sounds," "Alerts" or "Alert Sound" option.


Disable Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb feature silences audible sounds. For example, FaceTime calls and iMessage alerts are silenced when the feature is active. You can disable the feature from the Control Center -- which you can open by swiping up from the bottom of your iPad's screen. The Do Not Disturb feature's button resembles a crescent moon.