How to Hide Archive and RSS on Tumblr

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Hide Archive and RSS elements from your Tumblr blog with a few quick code edits.
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Most Tumblr themes include a link to RSS and Archive by default. Generally speaking, these items cannot be hidden using theme settings. Instead, you will need to remove the Tumblr theme code associated with Archive and RSS to hide them from your blog. The code for your theme might seem elaborate, but you'll only need to make three simple changes to hide Archive and RSS from your blog.


Step 1

Sign in to your Tumblr dashboard, select the blog you want to edit and then click "Customize."

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Step 2

Click "Edit HTML" to access the Tumblr theme code.

Step 3

Press "CTRL + F" to perform a find and replace, enter "" in the "Search for" box and "" in the "Replace with" box, and then click "Replace."


Step 4

Enter "<a href="{RSS}"" in the "Search for" box. Because different themes label the RSS feed differently, it won't be possible to do an exact find and replace.


Step 5

Type "" directly after the "" tag.


Step 6

Enter "<a href="/archive"" in the "Search for" box.

Step 7

Type "" directly after the "" tag.

Step 8

Click Update Preview to confirm that the Archive and RSS are now hidden and then click Save to commit the changes to your blog.




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