How to Highlight Text in a Kindle

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Highlighted text appears on the standard Kindle as a grey underline.
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The standard Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire keep track of any marks or annotations you make on your device so you can access your favorite content with the click of a button or the tap of your finger. How you highlight passages on your Kindle depends on which model of the device you're using.


Standard Kindle

Using the 5-way controller to navigate, position the cursor at the beginning of the appropriate passage and then press the 5-way controller. Position the cursor at the end of the appropriate passage -- pressing the Next Page button, if necessary, to select text across multiple pages -- and then press the 5-way controller again to highlight the content.


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Kindle Fire

Touch and hold the the first word in the text you want to highlight to display a pair of handles on either side of the word. Drag the handles to the left or right to select the appropriate passage and then press "Highlight."


Kindle Paperwhite

To highlight a single word, press and hold the word, touch "More" and then touch "Highlight." To highlight a phrase, touch the beginning of the passage and then drag your finger to the end of the desired text. Move your finger to the bottom right edge of the screen if you want to select text across multiple pages, then press "Highlight."