How to Hook Up a Sony S Master Digital Amplifier to the TV

Sony's S Master digital amplifier series is designed for use with high definition television. The amp connects to the HDTV with a High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) cable. This 19-pin cable transmits high definition video signals and up to eight channels of digital audio. The cable installs in seconds for fast setup. Add a Blu-Ray player to start watching high definition movies in five minutes or less.

Step 1

Locate the four HDMI OUT jacks on the back of the S master amplifier.

Step 2

Connect an HDMI cable to any of the available HDMI OUT jacks. The plug inserts with the wide edge turned upward.

Step 3

Connect the other end of the cable to the television's HDMI IN jack.

Step 4

Connect source components for audio/video signals to the remaining HDMI jacks on the Sony amplifier. For example, a Blu-Ray player and a digital cable or satellite receiver box can also be connected to the Sony digital amplifier, which can process the signals and transmit them to the television.

Things You'll Need

  • Sony S Master Digital Amplifier

  • HDMI cable

  • Television


Use RGB (Red, Green, Blue) component video cables to connect the Sony amp to a DVD player, which transmits standard definition video. Standard white and red audio cables can be used to connect sound-only components such as CD players and tape decks. Use the USB or mini-plug jacks for connecting small portable audio devices such as an iPod.


Disconnect the Sony amp and the TV from the electrical outlets while making connections.