How to Hook Up DirecTV to a Computer Monitor

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Acer HDMI Monitor

Some people spend hundreds of dollars on nice computer monitors. So, if you spend this much on a nice monitor, why not use it to watch your everyday television on? By purchasing a small box, you can easily connect DirecTV to any HDMI compatible computer monitor.


Step 1

Find the RCA cable for your DirecTV box and plug it making sure to match the colors up. Also, be sure that the cords are fully plugged in for the best connection.

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Step 2

Flip the switch on the bottom of your RCA to HDMI transfer box to side that says "standard RCA." This will allow the DirecTV signal to come through the transfer box.


Step 3

Attach the RCA cable you just connected to your DirecTV box to the transfer box. Again make sure to align the plugs up color to color.

Step 4

Attach the HDMI cord from your monitor to the other side of the RCA to HDMI transfer box. Be very careful when plugging in this cord, as the HDMI slot has many small pins that can't be bent. Plug the cord straight into the box and be sure to tighten the screws on each side of the plug.



Step 5

Attach the monitor's power cord to a surge protecting power strip. Monitors can be easily damaged by surges, so it is necessary to have protection to guarantee the integrity of your monitor.

Step 6

Turn on the DirecTV box and the monitor, and adjust the brightness and contrast settings on the monitor to your specifications. Change channels and DirecTV settings with your regular remote.



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