How To Turn a Computer Monitor Into a TV

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A computer monitor works the same as a television monitor, whether it's a tube or LCD model. So any old computer monitor can easily be turned into a TV. If your old set died, your old PC monitor can replace it. If you have an LCD computer monitor, you can have your own LCD TV for a lot less money. You just need to make sure the monitor can connect to your cable or satellite receiver. If the monitor has the same video connection ports your TV source uses, you're good to go. Otherwise, you need a tuner box with a VGA connection port.



Step 1

Check the monitor to see if it has an S-video, component or any other connection port besides the standard VGA computer port. If it has any ports that match with your cable/satellite box's output ports, connect the two devices using a working cable.


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Step 2

Connect the cable or satellite receiver to an external TV tuner if the receiver can't connect directly to the monitor. Use an S-video connection if a port is available on both devices. RF coaxial or RCA composite cables are your likely other options.

Step 3

Attach external speakers to the TV tuner or cable satellite box if the monitor doesn't have speakers of its own. Connect the speakers to the video box's audio output using RCA composite cables. You only need audio cables with red and white plugs.


Step 4

Add extra peripherals like your DVD player or game console. Connect the extra devices to any available input ports that match up. You will likely need the external tuner for this unless the cable box has multiple input ports.


Step 5

Attach the monitor to the external TV tuner. This requires a VGA connection, which is the same cable used to connect the monitor to a desktop computer. The plug attaches to a trapezoid-like port and is secured by twisting pins on each side.


Step 6

Turn the cable/satellite box and monitor on. Select the correct source on the tuner box with its remote control. Use the cable box's remote to change channels.



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