How to Import Bookmarks to Firefox

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When switching to Firefox from Internet Explorer, Chrome or another Web browser, you can easily import your bookmarks to bring your old favorites with you. Firefox's Import Wizard reads bookmarks directly from most popular browsers, as long as the other browsers are installed on the same computer.


To import bookmarks from the rare browser that the Import Wizard can't detect, you can export an HTML bookmark file from the old browser and import the file into Firefox.

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Step 1: Opening the bookmarks menu

Click the Bookmarks button in Firefox and choose Show All Bookmarks or press Ctrl-Shift-B to open the Firefox bookmark list in the Library window.


Step 2: Start the Import Data wizard

Click Import and Backup and then select Import Data From Another Browser to run the Import Wizard.


Step 3: Choose the browser you're importing from

Select the Web browser you are importing bookmarks from and click Next. To merge bookmarks from several browsers, choose one browser to start with. Later, return to the Import Wizard after you finish the entire process and then repeat the process with another browser.


Step 4: Choose your favorites

Check the box by each item you want to import. Depending on the browser you are importing from, it will either be called Bookmarks or Favorites. Then click Next.


Step 5: Complete the process

Press "Finish" on the confirmation screen. To see the imported bookmarks, open the folder labeled "From" followed by the name of your previous Web browser, such as "From Internet Explorer." If you import from Chrome, look in the Bookmarks Toolbar section to find the "From Google Chrome" folder.


Importing from other browsers

Firefox can also import bookmarks created by other browsers that aren't listed in the wizard.

Instead of clicking Import Data From Another Browser in the Import and Backup menu, click Import Bookmarks From HTML and select the file. This method works well to move bookmarks between computers, as you can copy an HTML bookmarks file to a USB drive or online storage.


After importing bookmarks, drag the bookmarks from the From Internet Explorer or similar folder to Bookmarks Menu on the left-hand list to integrate the bookmarks into Firefox's main bookmark list.

You can safely delete the bookmarks in your old browser after importing bookmarks to Firefox.


Exporting and backing up bookmarks

You can export your Firefox bookmarks using the same set of menus. After you click the Bookmarks button in Firefox and choose Show All Bookmarks, click Import and Backup as you did in Step 2.


At this point, you can back up your bookmarks via the Backup menu item, or export the bookmarks to a file (which you can use to import in a different browser) by choosing Export Bookmarks to HTML...


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