How to Import Bookmarks to Internet Explorer From Other Browsers

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Using the right tools, you can save time and effort when switching to Internet Explorer.
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When switching to Internet Explorer from Chrome or Firefox, you can transfer all of your existing bookmarks using features built into each browser. After saving your bookmarks to your computer as an HTML file, import them into Internet Explorer, where they are available as "Favorites."


Export from Chrome

Export your bookmarks from Chrome via the Bookmark Manager, accessed by clicking the menu button resembling three horizontal lines, selecting "Bookmarks," then "Bookmark manager." On the Organize drop-down menu is the option "Export bookmarks to HTML file," which opens a Save As window so you can choose a location for the file.


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Export from Firefox

Click the Bookmarks button, resembling three bulleted horizontal lines, and then click "Show All Bookmarks." In the Library window that opens, click the "Import and Backup" drop-down menu, then "Export Bookmarks to HTML." Save the file somewhere where you can easily find it.


Import to Internet Explorer

Press the Alt key to view Internet Explorer's Menu bar. From the File menu, select "Import and export," then "Import from a file." Clicking "Next" launches a dialog in which you check only the box beside "Favorites." After you click "Next," click the "Browse" button to select the HTML file you exported earlier, then click "Open." Click "Next" again, and then choose in which Internet Explorer folder you want to save the bookmarks. Click "Import," then "Finish." You can safely delete the HTML file now.