How to Import From InDesign to Scribus

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Scribus is an open source page layout application, similar in many ways to Adobe InDesign. You can export files from Adobe InDesign for use in Scribus by saving the file as an Encapsulated Post Script (EPS), or a Post Script file (PS). You need to make sure you have the Post Script print driver installed in Adobe InDesign. The print driver is freely available from In addition, you can download the free Scribus software from


Step 1

Open the file to convert in Adobe InDesign.

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Step 2

Click the "File" option on the top navigation bar.

Step 3

Click the "Save As" option from the File menu. The File Save dialog box opens.


Step 4

Click the downward pointing arrow next to "Save As Type" to show the available file type options.

Step 5

Click the "Encapsulated Post Script (.eps)" or the "Post Script (.ps)" option from the drop-down list.



Step 6

Type a name for the new file into the "File Name" input box.

Step 7

Click the "Save" button. The Adobe InDesign layout file is saved as an EPS or PS document.

Step 8

Open the EPS/PS document in Scribus for editing. To do this, open the Scribus application and then click "File" from the top navigation bar. Click "Import" to show the Import dialog box. Navigate to and click on the InDesign EPS/PS file. The file opens as a vector graphic in Scribus.

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