How to Import Outlook Tasks to OneNote

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Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking program available as a stand-alone program or as part of the Office suite. You can sort your notes into separate notebooks, and store text, pictures, audio, video and Web pages as notes. As part of the Office suite, OneNote is integrated with other Office applications such as Word and Outlook. You can send emails from Outlook to OneNote as notes and can also send your Outlook tasks to OneNote notes.


Step 1

Open "Microsoft Outlook." Click the "Tasks" folder.

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Step 2

Click "Home," then "New Task." Enter the task name, start and end date, priority and details of the task.


Step 3

Click "File," then "Save." Click the "OneNote" button on the ribbon interface. Click an existing notebook or click "Unfiled Notes" to move the task into a note page to be placed in a notebook later. Click "Always Send Task Notes to the Selected Location" if you want to make the notebook or unfiled notes your default location for Outlook tasks.



Step 4

Click "OK." OneNote will open a new page with the task. You can add additional information to the task in OneNote, and it will automatically synchronize with the task in Outlook.



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