How to Create a Checklist in Outlook Tasker

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Keep personal or business projects on track with an Outlook Tasks checklist.

Microsoft Outlook's tasker feature – known as the Tasks application – allows you to create multiple lists of tasks by creating a new folder for each task list. Once you've created a checklist as a new task list, you can monitor progress by crossing off items as you complete each task in the checklist. Outlook also lets you set a due date for each task in the checklist and enable a reminder so that you don't miss an important deadline.


Step 1

Launch Microsoft Outlook. Click the "Tasks" button in the bottom of the left-hand pane to open the Outlook Tasks application.

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Step 2

Right-click anywhere in the My Tasks pane at the top of the left-hand pane. Click "New Folder" from the context menu to create a new task list in a separate folder. Type a name for the task list in the applicable input field; for example, "Checklist." Click "Tasks" in the Where to Place This Folder pane. Click the "OK" button to add the checklist folder to the My Tasks pane.


Step 3

Click the checklist folder to open it in the main program window.

Step 4

Double-click the "Click Here to Add a New Task" input field at the top of the checklist in the main program window. Type a name or brief description for the checklist task into the Title box. Click the task start date and due date from the relevant drop-down menus. You can also assign a priority level and choose a reminder so that Outlook warns you when the checklist task is due. Type more details about the task, such as the individual steps needed to complete it, in the text input box.



Step 5

Click the "Save and Close" button to add the task to your checklist. Repeat the steps for each task that you want to add to the checklist.

Step 6

Right-click each task in the checklist and click "Mark Complete" from the context menu when you want to cross off a completed task on your checklist.



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