How to Make Outlook Group Tasks

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Microsoft Outlook's Calendar feature allows you to create your own personal schedules, which is useful for organizing your day-to-day tasks or long-term plans. But you can also use Outlook's sharing ability to create a task and share it with others. This can be helpful in work situations where you want to collaborate on tasks among a team. In order to create group tasks, everyone must be part of a Microsoft Exchange Server. The Microsoft Exchange Server is a collaborative communication server that is used in organizations and businesses. You can create group tasks and view them in Microsoft Outlook.


Step 1

Open your Microsoft Outlook account.

Step 2

Click the "File" menu, select "New" and choose "Task."

Step 3

Click the "Task" tab in the "Actions" group. Customize your task as needed. For example, you can set the start date and due date, make the task recurring and set its frequency, add reminder alerts and track your progress on the task. When you are done customizing, click "Save and Close."


Step 4

Select "Tasks" in the "Navigation Pane." Select "Share My Tasks Folder." This allows you to share your default tasks folder with other people.

Step 5

Enter the names of the recipients, which will include everyone involved in the group task you are creating. Enter these in the "To" text box.

Step 6

Change the "Subject" line of the group task if you want to. In the message body area, type any additional information you want the group to know about the tasks.

Step 7

Click "Send" and review the message to confirm it. Click "OK."


There are other ways to create tasks other than through the File menu. You can also create tasks by using the “Type a New Task” text box in the To-Do bar, in the “Daily Task List” in “Calendar,” or the “Click Here to Add a New Task” text box in the “Tasks” view.

If you want to share a task folder you've created other than the default one, you can do that too. In the “Navigation Pane,” right-click the task folder you want to share, and select “Share [Folder Name].”