How to Create a Group in Lotus Notes

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How to Create a Group in Lotus Notes. When you often find yourself sending email messages to the same group of people throughout the week, it's more efficient to create a group. By adding your contacts to various groups, you just send a message to the group and all members of the group receive the message, saving you typing time. It's quick to create a group from email addresses already in your Lotus Notes address book.


Step 1

Open your address book and choose "Actions," then "New Group."

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Step 2

Enter a name for the group in the "Group Name" field. Be specific because you may have several people in more than one group. Examples include "Finance Department," "Playgroup Moms," or even "Bowling Team."


Step 3

Complete optional steps. You can select the type of group, such as "Mail Only" or enter a description of the group, such as "Current Members of the Board."

Step 4

Enter each person's name in the "Members Field." Press "Enter" after each name. If you are adding people from your address book, you can click the little button next to the field and select your members. Click "Save & Close" when you are finished. You can go back later to add names, if needed.



Step 5

Check your group for accuracy by opening your address book and clicking the Groups icon. This is also how you can modify your group. To modify, select the group and choose "Actions-Edit Group." Always click "Save & Close" after making changes.

Step 6

Send a message to the group members by typing the Group name in the "To" area of the message header and hitting return. When you send the message, all group members will receive a copy.




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